Octograd Framed Ejection Cooling Tower Having Maximum 10,000 m3/h Throughput

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At present, the market is rife with companies manufacturing various plant circulating water cooling systems. Each of them (if volumes and costs are of any significance) is based on some type of a cooling tower selected to match certain system parameters. While in relatively small cooled water throughput range the proposals and design concepts are numerous, when it becomes necessary to create a system where throughput exceeds 1500 m3/hour, the project owner has only two options to choose from: a chimney-type cooling tower (extremely expensive and difficult to service) and a standard fan cooling tower (obsolete and requiring constant attention). Both options require large constructions sites. Our company specializes on modular ejection cooling towers. More than once it had to tackle the problem of searching the optimum alternative (cost effective, efficient, compact and modern).

As a result of NEW TECHNOLOGIES company senior development engineers’ work and research, a large throughput cooling tower design was created. It meets all the above requirements. It is a non-modular light structure, octagonal in shape and having 13 m base diameter.

“Octograd” (octo is “eight” in Latin, grad is a part of Russian work gradirnya (cooling tower) consists of a metal carcass faced with metal (galvanized corrugated steel sheets, aluminum panels) or plastic panels. The carcass can be made of any kind of metal: ferrous, stainless steel, light aluminum alloys. The choice is left to the customer. The cooling tower manifolds are made of carbon or stainless steel. Drip catcher blocks are installed at the air chamber outlet.

“Octograd” has two tiers of air inlets, the lower and the upper one. Manifolds with ejection nozzles are installed in each air inlet. The lower tier inlets have three rows of nozzles, the upper tier inlets have two rows of nozzles. Each air inlets is equipped with a system of adjustable louvers for controlling the ejected air flows and preventing the influence of wind gusts (water drops discharge).

An “Octograd” is installed over the reception basin where the cooled water is discharged. The basin is made to fit the cooling tower size and supplied with it. It is also possible to install a cooling tower over an existing reception basin.

Water may be fed to the cooling tower both by residual pressure (in case its values are up to the par) and by pumps: either booster ones or a separate pump station. It is possible to install immersion pumps directly into the basin under the cooling tower.

The dimensions and technical parameters of the “Octograd” cooling tower are presented in the following table:



Base diameter, mm


Cooling tower height, mm


The height of the lower tier with air inlets, mm


The diameter of the upper tier, mm


The height of the upper tier with air inlets, mm


Total number of nozzles, pcs


The schematic diagram of the “Octograd” ejection cooling tower is sown in the figure below.

The heat calculation of the “Octograd” cooling tower is presented in the table.

Background data and heat calculation results



Background data
Water temperature at equipment outlet in summertime, °C


Dry-bulb ambient air temperature, * °C


Atmospheric air humidity*, %


Cooling tower calculation results
Maximum cooling tower throughput, m3/h


Number of the cooling tower circuits, pcs.


Minimum nozzles water pressure, m H2O


Number of nozzles, pcs.‎‏


Dimensions of the first tier air inlets, mm


Number of inlets, pcs.‎‏


Dimensions of the second tier air inlets, mm


Number of inlets, pcs.‎‏


Total area of air inlets, m2


Air speed at an air inlet edge, m/s


Air throughput, m3/h

2 313 132

Heat removal, kW


Maximum cooled water temperature in summertime °C


*Atmospheric air parameters are presented as per SNiP 23-01-99 (2003) for Saint Petersburg


  1. The most efficient utilization of site area: the “Octograd” dimensions are must smaller than those of the existing fan and chimney type cooling towers having the same rated water throughput.
  2. The “Octograd”‘s light, durable and rapidly erected carcass of and its facing elements that are resistant to corrosive media and weather impact ensure minimum cooling tower erection time and long service life. Whereupon the “Octograd”‘s design features permit one to spend much less money and efforts to service the cooling tower.
  3. Since there are no moving parts, sprinkler or power supply at the cooling tower, it is very easy to maintain its efficient operation and no special training of technical personnel is required.
  4. Since there are no moving parts, sprinkler or power supply at the cooling tower, it is very easy to maintain its efficient operation and no special training of technical personnel is required.
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